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Old 07-02-2007, 03:04 PM
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Default Swamp Series tech info

NO component be it engine or exhaust will survive if allowed to fill completely with mud/water IF THE ENGINE STOPS RUNNING.
That is why we make the optional snorkel.......get it....use it.

Why the Swamp Series?
The Swamp Series was designed for several reasons.

The most obvious is to handle the underwater running people are doing these days. The current design (utility series) does not keep out water, once the muffler packing gets wet it absorbs water/mud and essentially becomes useless in its task. That task is to insulate the aluminum shell from high internal heat and to dampen the exhaust pulse wave.
An optional snorkel kit will allow you to go as deep as you want.
The Swamp Series is completely sealed and is maintenance free, NO PACKING to worry about soaking or burning out.

Second: Design a muffler that makes power yet is quiet. Typically quiet AND power never got along, you either got one or the other but never both.
The swamp series core design flows so well that it rivals our Utility series and some of the Sport/Race series mufflers.

So, IF you are curious about how much power the Swamp Series will make, look in the forums under your specific machine at the UTILITY SERIES POWERCURVES, the Swamp Series will be almost exactly the same. I have yet to post all the Swamp Series results but as soon as I can I will post them.

The number one issue we hear about on a daily basis is: "My riding area requires 92db or lower, HELP" !!!
Since we started with a clean slate on muffler/core design we made it our goal to be almost stock quiet.
You may not ride in a sound sensative area but there are more riders out there that do and they expect a quiet powerful exhaust HMF delivers with the Swamp Series.

Third: EPA tier two emission standard of 2008~2010.
You probably have no clue what that is..........
We do and understand what it means. It means the manufacturers have to lower the emission output of their machines. Whenever that hapens internal exhaust temperatures raise. We decided to design a muffler that will be up to the task of whatever temperature the manufacturers can throw at us.
A stainless steel body can handle internal exhaust temperatures much higher than an aluminum body, which means as the manufacturers raise internal temperatures to meet the 2008~2010 EPA standard the body will be able to take the heat.

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